UF On Target project team to implement new TEAMS titles in stages

uf on target updateIn November, UF supervisors and HR representatives mapped the university’s filled TEAMS positions to titles developed under the auspices of the UF On Target project. The university achieved a 97 percent completion rate for this process after adjustment for positions that became vacant during the mapping period, positions already converted to the new titles and Development positions that will be addressed separately this spring.

Since then, the On Target project team and steering committee have engaged in an analysis of the completed file to identify patterns and to ensure units applied titles in a way that was consistent with the project’s objectives.

As a pilot, the project team will implement new titles for HR positions in the Office of Human Resource Services to ensure the file executes as expected. In the meantime, UF Classification & Compensation is finishing a review of positions mapped to titles in the Administration & Management job family and will begin working with units to implement that family shortly. The analysis will continue by job family, and other new titles will be implemented through February.

As a reminder, employees and units should delay using the proposed On Target titles on business cards and in email signatures until each job family has been reviewed and the new job titles are implemented in the myUFL system.

When implemented, employees will receive notification from Human Resource Services of their job title as well as any other associated implications, such as time reporting requirements.

Questions? Please contact the Classification & Compensation team at ontarget@ufl.edu.