UF’s drone policy requires important steps before operating on campus

Environmental Health and Safety recently released a reminder that UF has strict guidelines that must be followed in order to operate a drone, or unmanned aircraft system (UAS), on campus.

The following items are required prior to flying drones on the UF campus:

  • Remote pilot certificate
  • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)-registered drone
  • Liability insurance: Required for non-UF (vendor) or recreational flight
  • Pilot registration with UF Environmental Health and Safety
  • Aircraft registration with UF Environmental Health and Safety
  • Flight request submission with UF Environmental Health and Safety

“In recent years, drones have become very effective tools in conducting research, assisting with building maintenance and in safety operations,” said UF UAS Program Director John Rouse. “But it is important for people to remember these are actual aircrafts that are subject to FAA guidelines. We want to make sure we are doing our best to maintain a safe environment for all at UF.”

Rouse said Environmental Health and Safety can assist anyone interested in operating a drone on campus.

“We’re happy to provide consultation and walk people through the process to be approved,” he said.

UF is among the first universities in Florida to establish an official policy to regulate and educate the public about drones on campus.

For more information on the approval process, visit www.ehs.ufl.edu/programs/uas or email uas@ufl.edu.