Updates to UF’s Sick Leave Pool

Two changes have recently been made in the administration of UF’s Sick Leave Pool.

The Sick Leave Pool Committee has added new language to the Sick Leave Pool policy that brings the reinstatement of Sick Leave Pool membership in line with the reinstatement of the university’s other leave policies and balances. Prior to this change, the policy did not contain reinstatement language in the event that a member terminated employment but was later rehired by the university. The new language to be added to the policy can be found here.

Additionally, in an effort to improve the application to use Sick Leave Pool Credits, the committee has revised the application form to include an instruction page, added language to clearly outline a pool member’s rights and responsibilities when granted Sick Leave Pool Credits, and broken out sections for each stakeholder in the process (employee, department, health care provider) to be reviewed separately. The revised form can be found here.

The updated form features standardized formatting and a streamlined submission process and promotes privacy regarding personal health information and an expanded appreciation for how the application for Sick Leave Pool Credits may impact a member’s employment at UF.

Per Sick Leave Pool policy, these changes will go in effect 14 calendar days after the entire membership pool has been informed. At that time, the documents posted on the Sick Leave Pool webpage will be updated accordingly.

During the next 14 calendar days, members of the Sick Leave Pool may reach out to the Sick Leave Pool administrator with any concerns by contacting the Central Leave Administration team at central-leave@ufl.edu or calling the UFHR Service Center at (352) 392-2477.