Want to help a Gator in need? Consider donating to Aid-a-Gator

During times of large-scale and individual crisis, the Gator Nation comes together. UF’s Aid-a-Gator program is an ongoing emergency fund through which financial support is available to UF employees experiencing a temporary hardship due to a significant life event, such as a sudden illness, family crisis or natural disaster. In the last year, Aid-a-Gator has assisted dozens of our UF colleagues in their time of need.

A UF staff member who received assistance from the program last year shared: “I am so grateful for the Aid-a-Gator program. My home was damaged by a tree during a recent storm, resulting in significant out-of-pocket costs not covered by homeowners insurance. I applied to the Aid-a-Gator program and provided documentation, and once my application was approved, I received financial help for some of my repair costs. It was a tremendous relief during a very stressful time. Thanks, Aid-a-Gator and UFHR Benefits!”

Aid-a-Gator is completely dependent on donations, and awards are contingent on the availability of funding at the time of application. By making a donation, even a small one, you can help even more members of the Gator Nation who may find themselves in need today or tomorrow.

Find out more about the program and how to become a donor on the UFHR Benefits website.