Options for using HiPerGator and HiPerGator AI

As announced in January, HiPerGator AI, along with the original HiPerGator, can be used for teaching and research by UF faculty and faculty from other universities. While the allocation of UF’s supercomputing resources is free for teaching a class for one semester, additional options include the following:

  • For research, allocations can be purchased for periods ranging from three months to several years.
  • A free three-month trial allocation may also be requested to develop a course and to explore HiPerGator’s use for research.
  • Colleges and departments can also request a free three-month trial allocation to be shared between faculty in the unit.

More information may be found in the UFIT Update, and anyone with questions about UFIT’s computational resources and support for teaching or research may contact UFIT Research Computing Director Dr. Erik Deumens.

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