UF Health joins nationwide effort to improve precision medicine—and you can help

UF and UF Health employees are being invited to participate in a new research program designed to speed up health research breakthroughs. The goal of the national “All of Us” initiative is to make advances in precision medicine—health care based on each individual—by asking one million people to share their health information. Precision medicine can help inform people about the best ways to stay healthy and help find the right kinds of treatments if they do get sick.

The key to the All of Us Research Program is the diversity of people as well as their data types, geographic locations and ways of life. The more the study can learn about what makes people unique, the more customized health care can hopefully become.

UF employees interested in learning more about the study and how they can participate may visit the joinallofus.org website or contact UF’s study coordinator at 855-698-0692 or allofusUF@ad.ufl.edu.