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Apply today for June mindfulness series

UF-UF Health Wellness will host a four-week “Tools for a Mindful Life” series led by Nancy Lasseter, Ed.S., LMHC, for faculty and staff interested in exploring mindfulness practices. The series is available at no cost to benefits-eligible employees. Enrollment is limited to 18 participants with applications being accepted through Friday, May 20.

Ride the Mindfulness Wave

The UF Mindfulness team will continue to offer mindfulness teachings at various locations throughout campus during spring semester. Attend a session to learn how to integrate mindfulness into your life as a means to enhance relationships, productivity, health and well-being.

UF Mindfulness introduces “Mindfulness Wave,” meditations on the Plaza

Beginning this month, the UF Mindfulness Initiative will introduce a series of mindfulness teachings on how faculty can integrate mindfulness into their classrooms and/or online teachings. The “Mindfulness Wave” will feature one- to two-hour teachings on a rotational basis in UF’s 16 colleges throughout 2016.