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Spotlight on Leadership: Transparency

This episode of Reflections on Leadership explores the influence effective and ineffective transparency can have on working relationships. It also presents seven strategies leaders can use to create a culture of transparency.

Spotlight on Leadership: WRAPping Your Decisions

While collecting reliable data is an important part of decision-making, a leader’s judgment is evaluated just as much by the way s/he approaches decisions and follows a process for considering the elements at play. Listen to this month’s featured podcast to learn more.

Spotlight on Leadership: Mindbugs

In the “Outsmarting Mindbugs” podcast episode, you will learn about sneaky critters that lurk in our subconscious called “mindbugs.” These are hidden biases that can impact the organizations we lead.

Guide provides “roadmap” to effective hiring practices at UF

The Roadmap to Effective Hiring guide provides hiring managers a breakdown of the recruitment process to help find the best-fit candidate for the opening. Learn the steps involved with preplanning, advertising the job, managing applications, interviewing candidates, making an offer, hiring the employee and tips for successful onboarding.

Spotlight on Leadership: Social Awareness and Relationship Management

This month’s Leadership Toolkit featured job aid looks at two aspects of the Emotional Intelligence competency: Social Awareness and Relationship Management. Emotional Intelligence is a component of the Build Trust quadrant of the UF Leadership Competency Model.

Spotlight on Leadership: Harnessing Electronics for Effective Communications

This podcast episode highlights some of the benefits and pitfalls of e-communication and provides guidance on how make the most of technologies that enable us to connect efficiently and at a distance without compromising effectiveness in our communications.

Spotlight on leadership: Leading by influence

This month’s Leadership Toolkit featured job aid looks at the Role Model competency, a part of the Build Trust quadrant of the UF Leadership Competency Model.

Spotlight on Leadership: The Multitasking Mirage

Are you doing more than one thing right now? Are you reading this article while also checking your email, texting a colleague, surfing the web on your phone, working on a report or playing a computer game? Do you pride yourself on being “a great multitasker?”

Be warned. A growing body of research shows that multitasking actually decreases productivity, impairs your cognitive ability, increases your stress and diminishes your creativity.

Spotlight on Leadership: Coaching

Coaching lies at the heart of great leadership. When facing a difficult coaching conversation with a team member, however, many leaders feel uncertain and uncomfortable.