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It’s tax time! Avoid fraud and keep in mind new reporting requirements

The IRS PIN program helps thwart tax fraud by providing you with a unique PIN that must be used on your tax return.

Has your department inadvertently received a tax credit notice?

It is important that the Healthcare Marketplace is aware of any employee who was offered coverage through UF, both for the protection of the university and so the employee does not inadvertently receive a premium tax credit that he or she may have to pay back.

IRS Form W-4 “exempt” status expires Feb. 15

If you claimed “exempt” from withholding tax on your W-4 for 2016 and want to renew your exemption claim for calendar year 2017, you must update your W-4.

Be sure to watch your mail for important tax reporting documents

In addition to filing your W-2, the IRS requires reporting of health insurance coverage information for the 2016 federal income tax reporting year. Information from IRS Form 1095-B and/or Form 1095-C must be included with individuals’ income tax return.