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UFIT Update: Campus migration to Eduroam Wireless begins

UFIT is working with UF Health and the Division of Student Affairs—areas that manage their own wireless (Wi-Fi) networks—to migrate their community of Wi-Fi users to the Eduroam wireless network. This three-phase project launches this month and is expected to take 18 months. This project does not affect the ‘UF Guest’ wireless access process.

Checklist for shutting down office technology during holiday closing period

In advance of the holiday closing period, please be sure to check the recommendations below for shutting down office devices, including computers, printers, appliances and others.

Need help navigating Enterprise Reporting?

UFIT, in partnership with Training & Organizational Development, has launched a new online course, Enterprise Reporting Analytics (ERA100).

myUFL password reset process to require phone verification beginning July 10

UF’s GatorLink Account Management system will be upgraded on July 10. The upgrade includes an extra layer of security, very similar to what banks and credit unions now use. Because of this security enhancement, the process for a password reset is changing.

Redesigned UFIT Training website is live

The newly redesigned UFIT Training website provides a completely reorganized view of technology training at UF, with many new resources for faculty and staff. All of UFIT’s training materials and workshop information is now housed in one place, rather than on individual departmental websites. Now, everything is thoroughly cataloged and easily searchable. Faculty and staff […]

Protect Yourself from Ransomware

Did you know hackers can lock you out of your computer or even encrypt it, and then hold your computer and its files for ransom? This type of malware is called Ransomware, and it forces victims to make an online payment to end the attack.

New policy provides guidance on automatic email forwarding and more

In an administrative memo dated Feb. 8, Provost Glover and VP & CIO Elias Eldayrie provided guidance on the use of electronic mail used in the course of conducting university business.