COMPASS to hold sessions designed to gather additional input from colleges

The Campus-wide Modernization Program to Advance Student Services — or COMPASS — a multi-year initiative announced in February, is scheduled to be implemented in a series of releases that began with the migration of self-service functions to ONE.UF. Over the past several months, members of the COMPASS-SIS project team have been gathering requirements for the new student information system. In addition, the team has been holding sessions to map the undergraduate, graduate and professional “student journey” and the various business processes of individual colleges and units.

Later this month, the project team will announce a series of college-level “interactive design and prototyping,” or “IDP,” sessions designed to gather more focused input on topics specific to units directly affected by changes to the student system. College representatives, such as those who have participated in student journey mapping and business process analysis sessions, will be invited to discuss system requirements and integration points in more detail.  Those invited to participate will be contacted directly by the project team and will be listed on the COMPASS website.

COMPASS Program Timeline
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As the program timeline at left indicates, in addition to modernizing UF’s student information system, other elements will be involved in COMPASS to ensure a holistic approach. Please note that more specific dates will be added and some dates may be adjusted as the program develops.  When fully implemented, the COMPASS program is expected to unify student services systems to benefit students as well as faculty and staff who use and need access to student-related information.

A CRM (Constituent Relationship Management) system and an evolving robust learning eco-system for the university—all designed to support and promote collaboration and empowerment among and between colleges and core offices—are included in this overall effort.

Built on a foundation of strong master data management—with impacts to the myUFL system, ONE.UF for self-service capability, and reporting and analytics related to student data—COMPASS is designed to better meet the needs of the university’s undergraduate, graduate and professional students as well as its faculty and staff.

To learn more about COMPASS, visit the program’s website. Those interested in following the program’s developments more closely may also subscribe to the COMPASS Update from that website.  Have feedback for the COMPASS team or questions?  Please email