Construction on UF’s new data science building is underway

UF has begun construction on the Malachowsky Hall for Data Science & Information Technology, a 263,000-square-foot academic building located in the heart of UF’s main campus that will connect students and researchers from across disciplines and create a hub for advances in computing, communication and cyber-technologies with the potential for profound societal impact.

The building, anchored by a gift from UF alumnus Chris Malachowsky as well as funding from the state, will provide collaboration space and will focus on the application of computing, communication and cyber technologies to a broad spectrum of areas including health care, pharmacology, security, technology development and fundamental science. Malachowsky, alongside Silicon Valley computer company NVIDIA, which he co-founded, is a key partner for UF in the artificial intelligence space, including the university’s initiative to integrate AI across curriculum. The building is slated for completion around April 2023.

You can monitor progress on the building’s construction in real time on this website and learn more in this UF News story.

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