FLSA changes go into effect Dec. 1

flsaAs previously covered in UF at Work, changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) will result in a significant number of positions becoming eligible for overtime pay when time worked exceeds 40 hours in a week. These changes will go into effect on Dec. 1 and are expected to affect upwards of 1,300 employees, primarily staff.

Specifically, the new rule raises the minimum salary threshold for employees to be classified as exempt from overtime from $23,660 to $47,476.  In other words, most employees who earn less than $47,476 annually will become eligible for overtime compensation when the new rule takes effect. Some exemptions apply.

How has UF responded?

In order to comply with the FLSA change, impacted employees who are currently in exempt-level positions who earn less than $47,476 annually will remain in their current job titles but transition into an overtime-eligible category titled “salaried non-exempt” (SNE). Additional information about the university’s response to the FLSA changes can be found online.

What will change?

It is important to note that for employees moved into the newly created SNE category, time will still automatically be loaded into myUFL, just as it is for regular exempt employees. However, SNE employees will be expected to report their actual hours worked by day. For example, if an SNE employee works nine hours on Monday but flexes time on Tuesday, his or her time record should reflect nine hours worked on Monday and seven hours on Tuesday.

What won’t change?

While time reporting requirements for affected employees will change, their benefits, compensation and job title will not change in any way.

How is UFHR helping with this transition?

  • On Friday, Oct. 28, UFHR hosted an information session aimed at providing background information and helpful resources.
  • A Quick and Easy Guide to FLSA Changes is available for managers, supervisors and HR representatives. Notifications will be sent via the Time & Labor listserv
  • PST800 Time Reporting for Salaried Non-Exempt Employees, an online course available through myTraining, should be available the week of Nov. 24. Affected employees will receive notification by email when the training is released.
  • Employees moving into the salaried non-exempt category can expect to receive a letter from UFHR in the coming weeks outlining the changes and apprising them of resources available to them.
  • More detailed information, including a section of frequently asked questions, is available on the HRS website.

Questions or concerns?

For additional information, please contact Classification and Compensation at compensation@ufl.edu.