PPD to undertake campus-wide facility review

As part of an ongoing effort to drive excellence and attract the best and brightest faculty, staff and students, the UF Physical Plant Division (PPD) is undertaking a campus-wide facility review that will include short-, mid- and long-term strategic planning initiatives.  The first step of this process includes a data gathering effort to enable PPD to quantify existing facility conditions and to forecast future needs for UF’s building portfolio.

In November, PPD started a 10-month process to physically examine the condition of UF’s facilities by conducting Facilities Condition Assessments, or FCAs, in partnership with Intelligent Systems & Engineering Services (ISES) corporation of Atlanta.  One of the major aspects of this assessment is a physical survey to determine the types and conditions of UF’s buildings’ architectural and engineering systems.

Surveys began Dec. 7 and will continue through Dec. 11.   PPD is contacting building occupant and building managers to schedule site visits.