Jan. 16 myUFL portal upgrade: What you need to know

On Tuesday, Jan. 16, myUFL will undergo an upgrade that will make the portal responsive — meaning it will be compatible with all internet browsers and adaptable to any smartphone, tablet or large-screen device. The portal will continue to be an entry point for accessing HR and financial systems as well as student information. Menu options and access will continue to be based on approved security roles.

Key changes to the myUFL portal include:

The new navigation menu, or “NavBar,” will be located on the top right-hand side of the screen.
This menu will provide convenient access to Recent Places, Favorites and the Main Menu. In the Main Menu, you will find My Account, My Self Service, Calendars, Help, Quick Links and Search. Financials and Human Resources will also be displayed on the top level of the Main Menu for convenient access.


Main Menu

Saved Favorites in myUFL need to be saved again after the upgrade.
Favorites have been preserved, and there are a few easy steps to re-record them in the updated platform. Please follow the instructions on “Legacy Favorites” found in this instruction guide. You must wait until after the upgrade on Jan. 16 to recreate your favorites.

Breadcrumbs will be removed.
Faculty and staff should note that breadcrumbs will be removed from the top of pages. To assist with this change, the button in the top left corner of each page will display your last-visited location. (Please note that the text on the button will change to reflect the last page you visited.) Additionally, after you’ve used the Main Menu to access a page, an icon for that page will be displayed in the Main Menu when you return to it. To return to the original Main Menu, click the “back to root” button that looks like the one pictured below.

“Back To Root” button

Search functionality will be expanded.
Accessed via the magnifying-glass icon next to the NavBar, the new Search function has been added to help users find, navigate to and from favorite specific pages quickly and easily.

MyUFL links will be easily be shared.
URLs within myUFL will open normally when copied or shared, allowing users to easily direct others to specific pages within the portal.

You will be able to click the home icon anytime to get back to the homepage.

To sign out of myUFL, click the gear icon and then “Sign out.”

Gear Icon


UFHR’s Training and Organizational Development team developed a video tour of the new interface as well as Just-in-Time Training materials within the myUFL Basics Toolkit. You can also submit a question or comment here.