UFIT Update: Campus migration to Eduroam Wireless begins

UFIT is working with UF Health and the Division of Student Affairs—areas that manage their own wireless (Wi-Fi) networks—to migrate their community of Wi-Fi users to the Eduroam wireless network. This three-phase project launches this month and is expected to take 18 months.

During Phase I, which is expected to last until summer 2018, all devices will work as usual with their existing configurations; no changes are necessary. As always, new devices connecting to UF Wi-Fi for the first time will need to be registered via http://getonline.ufl.edu/. These will be automatically configured to Eduroam.

This project does not affect the ‘UF Guest’ wireless access process.

Despite the broad reach of the project, the on-campus wireless experience of every user will remain the same. Some members of the university community will see a different “SSID” (the name assigned to a Wi-Fi network)—called “ufgetonline”—when they connect to UF Wi-Fi. This network will eventually replace “ufinfo.” Because Wi-Fi connectivity is integral to working at UF, users, including staff who support faculty and graduate students, should make note of this update.

UF joined the Eduroam wireless service in 2014 as part of a user community of 6,000 universities, research centers and academic complexes worldwide. With GatorLink credentials, you can connect at any Eduroam location and have instant and secure Wi-Fi access. All personal- and university-owned devices using the UF Eduroam Wi-Fi network will be automatically configured to work at all 6,000 affiliated institutions worldwide, making it easier for faculty, staff and students to connect online while visiting other institutions for conferences and programs and access their files while away, saving time and trouble.

Staff with questions should reach out to the support team for their area:

  • General UF/Main Campus staff: 132 Hub, 352-392-4357
  • UF Health staff: 2nd floor, Room C2-011, 352-265-0526
  • Housing and Residence Education staff: Ground Floor, Beatty East, 352-392-2465