Discovering Dimensions of Wellness series starts Jan. 25

Open to UF and UF Health faculty and staff, Discovering Dimensions of Wellness is a four-session series hosted by University of Florida experts in which participants will explore the various dimensions of wellness. The four sessions will be held every other week at noon via Zoom. Register for all four or select the ones most relevant to their well-being.

Jan. 25 – Module 1: Program overview – Dimensions of Wellness & Gardening

Guest lecturer: Cynthia Nazario-Leary, Ph.D., Environmental Horticulture Extension Agent, Master Gardener Volunteer Coordinator, Alachua County

Session Description: Starting a vegetable garden is exciting and can provide variety of health benefits but it can also be a significant investment of time, energy, and resources. Creating an edible landscape doesn’t have to be expensive or hard, but it does take some planning and thought. In this presentation you will learn the basics of gardening in Florida from planning to harvest, including plant selection and design, pest & disease management, and navigating north-central Florida’s unique climate.

Session Overview:

  • Introductions: Name of Program and Presenters
  • Mission of Program
  • Introduce the Seven Dimensions of Health
  • Review of the Modules
  • Gardening lesson

Feb. 8 – Module 2: Mental Health & Stress Management

Guest lecturers: Samantha Kennedy, M.S., County Extension Director Wakulla County
Heather Janney, County Extension Director Columbia County

Session Description: Working professionals must manage the balancing act of work, family and self, and often this balancing act is unsuccessful. Staying on this path will lead to burnout! The session will focus on developing balancing strategies to recharge and boost the careers of participants.  This session will focus on developing ‘self-preservation’ strategies so that we have the strength and the energy to do our jobs and care for our family. Participants will learn about the importance of carving out time for ourselves, discovering our passions, developing hobbies, practicing positive health habits, and working smarter. Several life balancing models will be described, because different approaches better meet individual’s management style and personality. The session will close with participants developing personalized action plans for making the necessary changes to develop good ‘self-preservation’ habits and to bring about positive change to enjoy the life!

Session Overview:

  • Presentation from UF/IFAS Extension Mental Health Team

Feb. 22 – Module 3: Physical Activity & UF Health and Wellness Resources

Carley Lutzow
Angie Brown

Session Description: We know that engaging in physical activity is important for our health, but the vast amount of information available can be overwhelming. As working professionals, it can also be challenging to find the time to fit exercise into our busy schedules. In this presentation you will learn about the different types of physical activity, how to structure an exercise routine based on your individual goals, and the UF employee resources that are available for you. 

Session Overview:

  • Presentation of program introduction and overview
  • Presentation on physical activity
  • Presentation on UF resources for health & wellness

March 8 – Module 4: Healthy Local & Seasonal Eating

Guest lecturer: Martha B. Maddox, Family & Consumer Sciences Extension Agent, Alachua County

Session Description: Become a pro cooking with herbs. Learn how to cook with herbs to add flavor and reduce sodium, what foods pair with each herb, herbs that enhance or complete each other, when food items are in season and the importance of shopping local. Participants will receive a booklet with educational materials, seasonal chart, shopping locations and recipes. Class will cover herb preparation, drying, freezing and storing herbs, sodium in your diet, herbs dried vs fresh, key culinary herbs to grow and use, herb blends, butters and sugars.

Session Overview:

  • Local healthy food presentation
  • Post-test
  • Remind participants about optional meet-up event