Do you know the signs and symptoms of stroke?

Catherine Flanigan

Catherine Flanigan awoke in the middle of the night and was unable to move her right leg. Her husband’s face seemed distorted to her and the words she tried to say just wouldn’t come out right.

Her husband, Harry, realized something was terribly wrong and called an ambulance. The emergency services personnel determined Catherine was having a stroke. They brought her, via ambulance, to the UF Health Shands E.R. as a “stroke-alert” patient, alerting UF Health staff of her impending arrival.

Today, Catherine is doing well. She left the hospital just days after arriving with no visible signs of stroke. She is enjoying spending time with her family and living a healthy life. She is thankful Harry realized something was wrong and called 911 immediately.

Stroke signs & symptoms

You should be able to recognize these symptoms FAST and call 911 right away.

F – Facial drooping

A – Arm numbness

S – Slurred speech

T – Time to call 911

Be sure your loved ones, including the children in your family, know how to recognize the signs and symptoms of stroke.

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