Having trouble getting a good night’s sleep?

Consistent poor sleep quality can affect your long-term health, physical safety, mental health, work performance and overall happiness. To help you improve your sleep quality, and as part of Sleep Awareness Week, we’ve compiled a list of resources provided by UF and Calm to help you cozy up and fall asleep faster.

UF resources

  • Peaceful ZZZs Sleep Program: The Peaceful ZZZs Sleep Program is designed to give you everything you need to improve your sleep quality and quantity.
  • Sleep basics: From sleep stages to circadian rhythm, dreams and more, learn the basics of sleep with these GatorCare resources.
  • GatorCare webinars: Explore the ins and outs of sleep with these webinars.
  • UF Health Sleep Center: The UF Health Sleep Center diagnoses and treats sleep disorders for adults and children. Call 352-265-5240 to make an appointment.

Calm resources

To access the following resources you will need to be logged in to the Calm app, which features pre-recorded audio content designed to help manage stress, anxiety and insomnia. UF faculty and staff may sign up for a free Calm membership by completing this form.

  • Improving Sleep workshop, March 15 from 3–3:30 p.m.: In this introductory session, a Calm representative will show you how to get the most out of your Calm experience and take a deep dive into the app. We will also talk about ways to improve your sleep hygiene through the use of different resources in the app.
  • How Employers Can Break the Cycle of Poor Sleep and Performance on the Job webinar, March 22 at noon: In this webinar you will walk away with an understanding of the sleep and mental health connection, actionable strategies to support employee sleep to drive productivity and more.
  • Sleep Stories: The Sleep Stories collection hosts a variety of soothing bedtime stories for adults and kids. Start by listening to Wonder, narrated by Matthew McConaughey. It’s a soothing bedtime story about the mysteries of the universe.
  • Sleep meditations: Calm’s Sleep Meditations help your mind and body rest. If you’re frequently waking up in the middle of the night, try this 50-minute series titled Gently Back to Sleep, to ease back into sleep to the soothing voice of Jerome Flynn, Game of Thrones actor and mindfulness advocate.
  • Sleep music: Sleep Music harnesses the power of music to enhance your sleep. In this Piano for Sleep album, sleep and rest will no longer feel elusive as you drift off with 24 beautifully soothing piano tracks.
  • Soundscapes: In Calm’s Soundscape series, there’s a variety of background sounds that you can listen to as you drift off. One of the most popular soundscapes is Rain on Leaves, try it out tonight and see how you feel.