More than 1,000 participated in spring walking challenge

GatorCare’s third team-based walking challenge drew 1,500 UF and UF Health employees who competed on a total of 164 teams. The walking challenge encouraged employees to get moving, especially during the work day, to increase wellness and boost employee morale with a little friendly competition.

A Work Week Warrior title was awarded to those individuals who walked at least 10,000 steps each day, Monday through Friday. More than 800 UF and UF Health employees achieved Work Week Warrior status and received a spring 2016 WWW zipper pull. As a whole, the group walked the equivalent of the circumference of the earth eight times over the course of four weeks.

A winner was chosen from each category — light, moderate and competitive—based on the team’s average steps over the four-week period. The three winning teams had the highest team average from their respective divisions. Winning teams will hold on to the trophy until the Fall Walking Challenge winners are announced.

over 1000 participated_light
over 1000 participated_moderate
over 1000 participated_competitive

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Inspired to be a work week warrior? Try these tips.

  • Try to build two 15-minute walks into your work day
  • Use the restroom or water fountain on a different floor
  • Take the stairs over the elevators
  • Catch up with co-workers during a walk instead of at your desk
  • Be intentional with your time—set a reminder on your phone or Outlook to get up every 30 minutes and move around