December Leave Cash-out Period is Nov. 6-14

If you are a TEAMS employee, you may be eligible to cash out up to 16 hours of vacation leave during the pay period of Nov. 3 to 14 if you have at least 40 hours of vacation leave remaining on balance after the end of that pay period. Eligible participants will receive the cash-out payment on their Nov. 22 paycheck.

To participate, report the number of hours you wish to cash out by entering them in the Elapsed Timesheet in the myUFL system. You must report the hours between Nov. 6 and Nov. 14 using the “DLC – 280 December Vacation Leave” time reporting code on a day when you are not scheduled to work, to prevent the “exceeds 24 hours” exception.

Please note: The DLC time reporting code can only be entered in myUFL between Nov.  6 and Nov. 14. The code is “locked” until Nov. 6 and is locked after 11:59 p.m. on Nov. 14. It will not be possible to enter DLC after the reporting period ends on Nov. 14.

Each department is responsible for ensuring no more than 16 hours of an employee’s vacation leave are cashed out and that 40 hours of vacation leave remain on balance after the end of the Nov. 6-14 pay period.

Still have questions? An instruction guide—Reporting December Leave Cash-Out—is available to assist you in reporting the cash-out, or you may contact Leave Administration at or (352) 392-2477.