Report compensatory leave by May 21

All non-exempt TEAMS and USPS employees, as well as exempt USPS employees, may use overtime and/or special compensatory leave through May 28. This leave must be entered into the Elapsed Timesheet in the myUFL system no later than 5 p.m. on Thursday, May 21. If the leave is not entered for use by this deadline, it will be cashed out automatically during the pay period ending June 11 for the payday of Friday, June 19.

If you need to make changes or corrections to prior entries of overtime and special compensatory leave that will impact 2019-2020 balances, those entries must be entered by May 21 and approved by 9 a.m. on Friday, May 22. Changes made after that date will cause a negative balance/double-pay situation.

If you plan to use overtime or special compensatory leave by May 28, the leave must be entered accurately for the future date on which you plan to use the leave. To do so, enter a future “Week Beginning Date,” click “Refresh Date” and then enter the number of compensatory leave hours (along with the proper time-reporting code—see below) on the date of use.

After logging in to myUFL, navigate to My Self Service > Time Reporting > Report Time > Timesheet.

Non-exempt employees:

• Begin with a new blank line.
• Input the compensatory leave hours to be used, then select the appropriate leave type in the “Time Reporting Code” menu (“OCT” for overtime compensatory leave use and “SCU” for special compensatory leave use).
• Click the “Submit” button.
• Review the confirmation screen and click “OK.”

Exempt USPS employees:

• At the default schedule, change the blank “Time Reporting Code” (TRC) field to the “regular” TRC.
• Adjust the hours on that line to reflect the actual hours worked.
• Click on “Add a New Line” to input your compensatory leave to be used (“SCU” for special compensatory leave use).
• Click the “Submit” button.
• Review the confirmation screen and click “OK.”
• An instruction guide, “Preparing for Fiscal Year Leave Processes,” is available in the Time and Labor section of the Toolkit Resource Center.

Questions? Contact UFHR Benefits at or (352) 392-2477, or call Payroll Services at (352) 392-1231.