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Management Department leads research production per faculty

The UF Warrington College of Business’ Management Department was recently recognized as the No. 1 department for research production per faculty.

CLAS professors named Distinguished Teaching Scholars

Jonathan Martin, Ph.D., and Selman Hershfield, Ph.D., have been named Distinguished Teaching Scholars by the Academy of Distinguished Teaching Scholars,

AAAS honors 12 UF faculty as Lifetime Fellows

The American Association for the Advancement of Science, or AAAS, the world’s largest general scientific society and publisher of the Science family of journals, has elected 12 faculty from the University of Florida to its newest class.

The honor, which includes alumni such as Thomas Edison and W.E.B. DuBois, is among the most distinguished in the scientific community and recognizes extraordinary impact and achievement across disciplines.

Curiosity as a catalyst for leadership advancement with the UF Academy

Curious about UF’s administrative workings, Otto joined the UF Academy in 2019, a choice he describes as the most powerful experience of his career.

Matthew Disney is leading a revolution in drug discovery

Chemist Matthew Disney’s, Ph.D., methods and discoveries have changed minds, igniting a global race to treat incurable diseases via their RNA.

Wertheim UF Scripps scientist uncovers brain cell biology

Ezgi Hacisuleyman, Ph.D., is inventing new ways to document changes to neurons before and after they fire, discovering new facts about learning in the process.

Wayne Wanta receives award for excellence in research

UF College of Journalism and Communications journalism professor emeritus receives 2024 AEJMC Paul J. Deutschmann Award for Excellence in Research.

How parents can set children up for reading success

Laurie Gauger, Ph.D., shares tips for parents on building children’s reading and language skills and signs that indicate a child may have a reading disability.

Astrobiologist Amy Williams shows young women in STEM that the sky is the limit

Lying in the bed of her parents’ pickup truck in 1990s South Carolina, marveling at meteor showers across the night sky, a grade-school Amy Williams would often wonder: “Is there another variety of little girl out there, looking back and wondering if she’s also alone in the universe?”

Today, Williams, Ph.D., dedicates her life to exploring that childhood question, as an astrobiologist and assistant geology professor at the University of Florida. Her groundbreaking research, examining signs of ancient life on Mars, has already brought her closer to an answer.

UF neuroscientist uses AI to map learning, decision-making, to discover how brains work

As part of their research, Ryoma Hattori, Ph.D., and colleagues are developing AI to help advance neuroscience discoveries.

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