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Sharpen your financial skills with our upcoming webinar series

No matter what stage of life you are in, you can invest in your financial health — and your overall well-being — by empowering yourself and building healthy financial habits. To help you along your financial journey, we’ve partnered with experts in the field to host a variety of webinars throughout the month of April covering topics ranging from home ownership to basic investment concepts and more.

Planning for long-term care webinar, March 26

Join John Foltz, a volunteer at the Serving Health Insurance Needs of Elders program, for resources on planning for the long-term care of a loved one.

Virtually explore islands in spring team walking challenge

Join GatorCare’s Destination Vacation team walking challenge and get active as you enjoy exploring some of the world’s breathtaking island destinations.

FMLA for caregivers webinar, March 21

Join UFHR Benefits Leave Manager Jessica McLane on March 21 at noon, as she explains the Family and Medical Leave Act, or FMLA.

Find ways to enhance your nutrition

As part of National Nutrition Month, we’ve curated a list of programs and resources available to UF faculty and staff to help you make informed food choices and develop healthful eating habits. 

Register for the Whitney Lab’s 5K race

Celebrate 50 years of science and discovery at the UF Whitney Lab by participating in a special 5K anniversary event, held April 14.

Coping with compassion stress webinar, March 19

Register for an upcoming webinar to learn how to maintain an appropriate self-care routine despite the demands of work or the pressures of home life.

Explore ways to improve your sleep habits

Did you know your professional and personal lives can suffer when you don’t get a good night’s sleep? As part of Sleep Awareness Week, we’ve curated resources to help you feel more well-rested every morning. 

Legal documents for caregivers

Join UF Select’s Preferred Legal attorney Elizabeth Kominsky on March 13 at noon to learn about legal documents you should have in place as a caregiver.

Unleash your full potential at every life stage

Join GatorCare’s Nutrition Through the Lifespan program to learn how to cultivate lifelong healthy habits.  

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