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Recordings from our Employee Wellness Month series now available

Recordings of the webinars, along with additional resources, are now available to view on-demand.

Longer ballots reduce voter participation, study shows

A recent UF study shows that shows that when the candidate field is crowded, voters are more likely to sit out than turn out.

Get the inside scoop on UFPA’s upcoming season

The University of Florida Performing Arts, or UFPA, will host its 2023|2024 Season Preview tomorrow, July 11, at 7 p.m.

UPF fall and winter 2023 catalog

The University Press of Florida, or UPF, recently released its fall and winter catalog.

Celebrate July Fourth with delicious food and spectacular fireworks

July Fourth celebrations kick off today and run through tomorrow evening, featuring parades, fireworks, music and delicious food. Read on to explore upcoming events you and your loved ones can enjoy in Gainesville and the surrounding area.

Reduce electronic waste in the environment

Improperly disposed of electronic devises can release hazardous chemicals into the environment, causing air, soil and water pollution.

Grocery shop smarter to help reduce food waste

Join UF/IFAS Family and Consumer Sciences Extension Agent and Registered Dietitian Amy Mullins to learn how you can reduce food waste.

Celebrate Canada Day with a traditional serving of poutine

Learn how you can recreate poutine, one of Canada’s most popular dishes.

Explore the health benefits of herbs and spices

Join UF/IFAS Family and Consumer Sciences Extension Agent Andrea Nikolai, on June 27 at noon, to learn how you can use herbs and spices to improve your health and overall well-being.

Enhance your workspace with these ergonomics tips

Join Environmental Health and Safety Ergonomics Coordinator Julie Ramsey to learn how to create a comfortable workstation to help reduce muscle fatigue and increase productivity.

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