First COVID-19 vaccinations administered at UF Health Shands

UF Health Associate Vice President Dr. J. Adrian Tyndall and Samuel Overly, R.N., were the first two healthcare workers to be vaccinated at UF Health Shands in Gainesville Wednesday morning. Tyndall, pictured at left receiving his vaccine, shared via Twitter his heartfelt thoughts yesterday morning.

“I have known, personally, many who have died, and more who are recovering from COVID-19,” he said. “By taking this vaccine, all of us will have an opportunity to alleviate the suffering and save lives.”

Tyndall, a practicing board-certified E.R. physician, and Overly, an emergency room clinical leader at UF Health Shands Hospital, were 2 of 12 front-line workers who were first to be vaccinated in Gainesville yesterday at UF Health Shands Cancer Hospital.