N95 masks available to faculty and staff with sustained face-to-face contact

In preparation for the spring semester, UF has provided to departments another distribution of N95 masks to be used by faculty and staff who have sustained face-to-face contact with students or the public.

Colleges and administrative units were allocated N95 masks based upon the number of face-to-face course sections that will be taught in the spring semester and according to staff needs. Faculty and staff who need them may request N95 masks by reaching out to their college’s or unit’s HR liaison.

Wondering how to safely reuse your N95 mask?
According to UF Health Shands Chief Epidemiologist Dr. Nicole Iovine, after wearing an N95 mask for a day, place it in a clean paper bag, fold it closed and store it at room temperature. You can cycle your mask supply in this way each day. Do not place the mask in a plastic bag, as that would create a moist environment conducive to the growth of bacteria and fungi.

What about other safety measures?
The provision of N95 masks is designed to supplement a number of efforts intended to protect our UF community, including increased COVID-19 testing, signage to reinforce expected behaviors, air exchange monitoring, wastewater testing, hand sanitizing stations, and the enhanced cleaning of UF classrooms, offices and common areas. In addition, UF Facility Services is providing extra masks in 650 classrooms that will be restocked regularly so that extras can be available for anyone who arrives to class without one. Colleges and units have also been provided with additional disposable masks and hand sanitizer for use in common reception and break areas.

Need additional supplies or have a building-related question?
If you need additional PPE supplies, talk to your area’s fiscal staff, who can help purchase them through the myUF Marketplace. The UF Procurement website has more information about how to source any additional necessary items.

If you have a facility service issue that needs attention or have questions about the air exchange within a particular facility, you may submit a request  online using the Gatorworks portal.