GatorGradCare Spring/Summer enrollments due Jan. 30

gatorgradcareThe enrollment deadline for spring/summer GatorGradCare health insurance is January 30, 2016. Spring/summer GatorGradCare coverage is effective Jan. 1, 2016.

The spring/summer enrollment period is only for the following students:

  • NEW graduate assistants, teaching assistants and research assistants on appointment (.25 FTE or greater) with the University of Florida
  • Returning GAs, TAs and RAs (.25 FTE or greater) on appointment who did not enroll in annual coverage for the 2015-2016 academic year

Please note that GatorGradCare enrollment is not automatic; GAs must enroll by the Jan. 30 deadline in order to participate in the GatorGradCare plan. No enrollments can be accepted after the enrollment deadline. Students must submit their enrollment by the Jan. 30 deadline even if their job is not yet in the UF system or they are uncertain of their appointment status for spring.

GatorGradCare enrollees’ eligibility is evaluated by the Benefits Office following the spring drop/add period that ends Jan. 11. Departments must complete all appointment processes, enter ePAF transactions and allow time for each level of approver to approve the appointment prior to Jan. 11 in order for GatorGradCare enrollees’ insurance coverage to be activated as quickly as possible. Departmental delays and errors in loading GA jobs, letters of appointment and tuition waivers can delay insurance coverage for the GatorGradCare enrollees.

Please note that new and returning GatorGradCare participants subject to UF’s mandatory health insurance requirement will see the charge for the school-sponsored plan on their student account until GatorGradCare eligibility is confirmed in the spring.   Departments should email the GA Benefits Office if there are delays in processing job data for graduate assistants.

Fall 2015 GatorGradCare plan participants who no longer meet the GatorGradCare eligibility requirements in Spring 2016 will receive a COBRA packet in the mail after the coverage terminates on Jan. 31, 2016. COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act) is a federally mandated program that allows plan participants to continue their medical benefit based on certain qualifying events, including termination of employment. GatorGradCare participants should report mailing address changes to the GA Benefits Office to ensure prompt delivery of important insurance documents.

Students may visit the GatorGradCare section of the HRS website for eligibility criteria, plan information and the link to the enrollment site. If you have questions please contact the GA Benefits Office at (352) 392-0003 or email