UF All Access textbook program an effective way to save students money

Last fall, a new textbook program was made available to UF students in 28 courses, resulting in $1.7 million in savings to students.

The program, known as UF All Access, was developed by textbook seller Follett and adapted by UF’s Business Services Division to provide UF students with the correct course materials on the first day of class at the best available pricing.

A link on the course’s website takes students to the appropriate place online to purchase the book directly from the publisher, at a discounted rate negotiated by UF.

“The All Access program ensures that students are getting the correct and most up-to-date edition of their textbook or e-textbook at a competitive price,” said Business Services Division Associate Director David Looney. “Students don’t have to spend time searching online for the best place to buy the book either; they can just click through and purchase.”

Looney said there was a 90 percent participation rate among students in the 28 courses that have offered the All Access program so far.

The All Access program is growing — this semester a total of 36 courses are participating, and it is anticipated that students will save more than $2 million this semester.

“We’re grateful for the instructors in these initial courses being open to a new approach in how their students could acquire course materials,” Looney said, “and their willingness to try something new paid off big for the students.”

Looney said he would like to eventually see the majority of UF’s courses participating in the All Access program.

“The All Access program could work for virtually any course at UF,” Looney said. “We approached the instructors in the current courses because they are some of the biggest core classes offered at UF, and if the program worked so well for these courses, it can certainly scale down for the smaller, more intimate classes at UF as well.”

If you are a faculty support staff member or faculty member who would like to know more about the All Access textbook program, email allaccess@bsd.ufl.edu.