Does your department host summer activities for minors? Be sure to start personnel background checks early

Is your department planning a camp, event or program involving minors between April 1 and Sept. 1? If so, be sure to consult and register with the Office of Youth Conference Services prior to the start of your activity.

The Office of Youth Conference Services (OYCS) is committed to providing an enriched Gator experience for children and youth engaged in activities affiliated with the University of Florida. OYCS provides UF units the ability to track minors participating in their programs, educational resources on youth protection and applicable laws, and guidance on compliance and reporting of any child abuse or neglect incidents.

According to Florida Statute 409, all personnel — including employees and volunteers — working in a summer camp or a summer youth activity must undergo a level 2 screening prior to their start date. This type of screening requires fingerprinting and a submission of the employee or volunteer’s picture. Level 2 screenings can be done at UF Human Resources (903 W. University Ave.) or remotely — even in other states — at selected centers registered with FieldPrint.

Be sure to begin the registration and the background check process several weeks prior to the start of the program to ensure all personnel are properly trained and results are received on time. For additional information, please contact the Office of Youth Conference Services by calling (352) 846-4698 or emailing For additional information regarding the background check process, including remote locations, please contact the Background Check Team with UF Recruitment and Staffing by calling (352) 392-2477 or by email at