Introducing Thrive @ UF

Why do some people merely survive in their roles at UF while others thrive? Every effective UF employee possesses a common skill set that produces great results.

Through interviews with professionals familiar with job families throughout the University of Florida as well as research into professional development programs at other preeminent universities throughout the country, UF Training & Organizational Development has identified this key set of skills.

Thrive @ UF is a professional development program designed with a focus on these core skills. Whether you are beginning your career or an established professional, this certificate program gives all employees at the University of Florida the opportunity to build professional skills and maximize performance.

Thrive @ UF will help you strengthen your skills in four essential areas:

  • Relationship Dynamics
  • Communication Excellence
  • Productivity & Performance
  • Improvement Mindset

Relationship Dynamics illustrate your ability to work well with anyone at UF. Respecting all people and their differences, relating to people in various contexts and fostering an inclusive environment are essential aspects of this area.

Our workdays are often filled with meetings, phone calls, emails and notifications. Courses focused on Productivity and Performance will help you manage these demands in a way that fosters real productivity.

An Improvement Mindset means not settling for the status quo. It means seeing problems as opportunities for positive change. It means continuing to get better. These courses will help you embrace a positive perspective and improvement in your professional life.

Communication Excellence is critical no matter what your role at the University of Florida. Courses in this area are good for employees who want to have confident and assertive communication, effective writing and compelling presentations.

Training participants will be able to personalize their training journeys by completing courses from the four areas found in the Program Guide. Thrive @ UF officially launches with the release of UF Training & Organizational Development’s fall training calendar on Aug. 7. Visit the Thrive @ UF section of the UFHR website to begin your training journey.