GBAS Jungle “SURVIVOR” Institute to examine critical thinking styles and skill

gbas jungleCollaborate with your GBAS tribe members in the highly anticipated GBAS Jungle “SURVIVOR” Quest and discover your natural critical thinking tendency. This event will be held on April 28 from 8:30am to 3:30 p.m. at the Reitz Union.

Share your approach to critical thinking with your GBAS colleagues as you engage in UF-based business scenarios. In the morning, participants will face off against other tribes. Which tribes will emerge victorious and which ones will be voted off the Island? Are you ready to be a GBAS SURVIVOR?

All registered participants will have an opportunity to complete the UF Critical Thinking Inventory (UFCTI) created by Dr. Alexa Lamm, Ph.D., assistant professor and associate director, Center for Public Issues Education IFAS. The UFCTI helps identify individual’s critical thinking styles. In keeping with the Jungle “Survivor” Quest theme, Dr. Lamm will discuss critical thinking skills and approaches and examine how critical thinking styles impacts the way we work. She will coach attendees on ways to develop effective strategies and improve their critical thinking skills.

In the afternoon breakout sessions, participants will dive into UF-based business-related scenarios with their peers and explore how others think through challenging work processes. There are four areas to choose from: fiscal; research administration (pre- and post-awards); reporting; or human resources. Each group will have several UF-based scenarios for consideration and trading ideas will be part of the experience.

Registration opens on April 8 via myTraining. Questions?  Please contact Gwynn Cadwallader, GBAS training coordinator, at or (352) 392-4626.