Supervisors can now approve time quickly and easily via ONE.UF

Have you tried ONE.UF yet to approve employee time? ONE.UF requires fewer clicks to approve time than myUFL, and enables supervisors to use their phone or other mobile device.

Remember, approving time and leave is a significant responsibility. By approving an employee’s time worked or leave taken, you are confirming:

  • You have reviewed the entry and are satisfied that it is complete and accurate
  • You fully understand what you are approving
  • You are accountable for the entry and are willing to defend it! 

Approvers are encouraged to review and approve time daily to help prevent any last-minute approvals and potential errors. As a reminder, if daily approval is not possible, approvals should be completed at least once during the first work week of the pay period, Tuesday through Friday (by 9 a.m. on Friday) of the second work week.

UFIT recently completed updates to the ONE.UF portal. ONE.UF’s new public-facing landing page now provides information about current and upcoming features as well as a revamped search engine that enables users to quickly navigate to self-service tasks.

For any questions concerning the new Time Approval navigation or using ONE.UF in general, please email or call (352-392-HELP/4357) the UF Computing Help Desk.