UF Faculty and Staff Climate Survey update

uf faculty and staff climate surveyThe UF Faculty & Staff Climate Survey, designed to help determine how well the university fosters a sense of belonging for its faculty and staff, opened on Tuesday, Oct. 27, and closed on Friday, Nov. 27, with an overall response rate from faculty and staff of approximately 36 percent. To everyone who took the time to complete the survey, thank you for sharing your thoughts about working at UF.  Your feedback will help make our university a better place.

Forty-five faculty and staff received “thank you” awards for participating in the UF Faculty and Staff Climate Survey—of which, 29 were staff and 16 were faculty. “Thank you” awards ranged from t-shirts to iPad minis to semesters of parking.  Award recipients have all now been contacted. Entering for the “thank you award” was a separate process from survey submission to protect confidentiality, and the feedback provided in the survey was in no way linked to the award distribution.

Rankin and Associates Consulting—the independent firm that conducted the survey—is now beginning the process of data analysis. The consultant will provide a final report that provides data from a university-wide perspective, including high-level summaries of the findings, and will identify salient themes found in the data. The results are expected to be shared later this year—and town hall meetings will be held after the results are shared to discuss how best to move forward.