Financial and HR reminders for the closing of the fiscal year

During the month of June, departments throughout campus are preparing for the fiscal year closing. UF at Work is pleased to share these reminders to help see you through the transition.

Review and reconcile financial transactions

If they have not already begun doing so, all departments should review and reconcile their ledgers, verifying that all requisitions, invoices, travel expenses and payroll transactions pertaining to the 2018 fiscal year have been recorded accurately and all corrections have been posted. Before closing, departments should also ensure the accuracy of any outstanding encumbrances (purchase orders and travel authorizations) for the year so budget balances for state funds can be accurately carried forward.

Department administrators should use their prompted financial reports to review any transactions that are not reflected or are incorrect and take any necessary action (e.g., budget transfer, expense transfer, payroll correction and/or deposit correction) by the advertised deadline to ensure they are posted correctly to the ledger.

The Year-End Schedule provides summarized deadline information by date, task description and unit.
Please contact the person listed in the Year-End Information Document for the specific area of interest with any questions you may have. For specific information and schedules for the following processes, please click on any of the following links:

HR renewals and requests

Several human resources and leave processes also transition at the close of the fiscal year. As your department wraps up its fiscal year-end processes, now is also the time to complete these HR processes by July 1:

  • Submit perquisite renewals and requests
    Departments have been sent a summary report of perquisites approved during the 2017-18 fiscal year. To renew, delete or make changes to perquisites for the 2018-19 fiscal year, departments should use the report and instructions provided and submit renewal information to Classification and Compensation, PO Box 115009, no later than July 1. Requests for new perquisites should be submitted as a new request using the Request for Approval of Perquisites or Sale of Goods and Services (HR-400).
  • Renew authorizations for additional university employment
    Approval of additional university employment—also known as dual employment—is based on the fiscal year for 12-month employees and the academic year for nine- and 10-month employees. Existing authorizations expire at the end of the fiscal or academic year, depending on the appointment. Departments with extra state compensation commitments that extend into the new fiscal or academic year must complete a Request for Approval of Additional University Employment (HR-600) form and submit it to:

    • Academic Personnel, P.O. Box 113005 (for academic personnel)
    • Classification and Compensation, PO Box 115009 (for TEAMS, USPS, and OPS employees)
  • Renew Alternate Work Location Agreements
    Alternate Work Location agreements can be short or for an extended period. The agreement must be completed by the employee and approved by the supervisor, dean and vice president for employees who will continue to work at an alternate work site each fiscal year. The approved Alternate Work Location Agreement form should be returned to Classification and Compensation at P.O. Box 115009.

For questions about fiscal year-end processes, contact Patrice Lecomte at For questions about year-end HR processes, contact UFHR Classification and Compensation at (352) 392-2477 or