One conversation can provide support

If you lead a team or department, you already know that having regular conversations with individuals in your area can help foster success. But especially during turbulent times, regular check-ins can also provide opportunities to watch for changes that could indicate someone may be in need of additional support.

“If an employee seems disengaged, or doesn’t have the same level of initiative or involvement as usual, take a moment to be intentional about sharing your observations with them in a constructive and supportive way,” suggests Brook Mercier, assistant vice president for UF Human Resources.

UFHR Employee Relations can provide you with resources and tips to help an employee get back on track if he or she is struggling. The Employee Assistance Program can also help employees who need emotional support for navigating the challenges of life.

UF Engaged, UF’s performance engagement tool for TEAMS staff, launched in the fall of 2019 to provide the infrastructure to support more frequent, meaningful conversations between leaders and their team members. The initiative was recently featured in Higher Education HR Magazine.