Faculty referee process, Dossier among enhancements introduced with Interfolio implementation

As the university continues its efforts to increase its faculty numbers through the Faculty 500 initiative, faculty and administrators throughout the university rely on the time and assistance of faculty colleagues around the world who provide confidential letters of recommendation. UF’s implementation of Interfolio should make this task easier for these referees.

Dan Connaughton, professor and associate dean for faculty and staff affairs with UF’s College of Health and Human Performance, is one of the many faculty and administrators who provided input into the implementation of Interfolio at UF earlier this month.

“Over the past few years, I have submitted many confidential letters of recommendation using Interfolio,” Connaughton observed. “For this purpose, I found Interfolio to be very easy to use, as well as efficient and effective.”

UFHR has updated the Careers at UF Toolkit on the UFHR website to add training and instruction guides on the new system for requisition originators, approvers and search committee evaluators. Additional resources are being developed and will be added to the toolkit in the coming weeks.

The new system offers a variety of features that will improve experiences for hiring departments and search committees. Interfolio’s materials viewer and annotation feature, for example, make it easy for search committee members to access applications online, sort by highest degree earned or other criteria, and add personal notes for later reference. Hiring departments will benefit from easier posting and reposting processes.

Applicants for faculty and postdoc positions at UF will benefit from access to a free Interfolio Dossier account. Dossier is widely used and highly regarded as a user-centric platform that helps scholarly job applicants aggregate and deliver their materials quickly and easily to academic institutions.

UFHR is partnering with departments to transition all faculty and postdoc postings to the new system. Departments will continue to use the existing applicant tracking system for staff (regular and temporary) and student positions.

Questions about the new system? Please contact employment@ufl.edu.