Healthcare Bluebook, SurgeryPlus provide cost comparisons for health procedures

If you are enrolled in a Division of State Group Insurance (DSGI) health plan, you have likely received a notice in the mail about Healthcare Bluebook and/or SurgeryPlus, new offerings from the state.

Healthcare Bluebook allows employees to log in to check and compare costs for various medical procedures across the state. After searching for a procedure, the site will provide a “fair price,” a list of facilities that perform the procedure and a price rating. If employees choose to have the procedure performed at a facility offering a fair price (the green category), they will earn a cash reward, which will be deposited into a Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) the following year. HRA funds do not expire and can be used for different types of medical expenses and supplies. Learn more here.

SurgeryPlus provides bundled surgical services with concierge-level support. By taking advantage of this benefit, members can also earn financial rewards. Learn more here.

As a reminder, as you research and compare costs, please be sure to find out if the facilities and/or providers you are considering are “in-network,” as this will affect the costs you would be responsible for.