People First premium underpayment processing changes

In an effort to automate its processes as part of the new system upgrade, People First is requiring that premiums now be handled electronically. Beginning this month, UF will begin collecting premium underpayments of up to one month’s premium for state plans via payroll deduction. This new process will expedite processing and help prevent loss of insurance coverage due to underpayments.

An underpayment occurs when an employee has not paid the entire amount due for his or her insurance (health, life, dental, etc.). This can occur for a number of reasons, such as a newly hired employee electing an early effective date for health plan coverage or an employee making a change to his or her coverage level (like adding a dependent) that would result in an additional premium.

Until now, employees would need to mail a check directly to People First for underpayments, and the processing would take ample time. UF will now collect these underpayments of up to a month’s worth of premium through the payroll process so employees no longer need to mail checks to People First.

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact UFHR Benefits at (352) 392-2477 or