UF introduces Interfolio for faculty, postdoctoral hires

In support of the Faculty 500 initiative and the university’s ongoing goal of attracting, identifying, engaging, evaluating and hiring exceptional scholars across disciplines, UF has invested in Interfolio, an applicant tracking system exclusively for faculty and postdoctoral hiring. The new Faculty/Postdocs system is being introduced now to coincide with this year’s academic hiring cycle.

UFHR is partnering with departments to complete faculty and postdoc searches that are already in progress so that all faculty and postdoc positions will be posted only in Interfolio by this November. Departments will continue to use the existing applicant tracking system for staff (regular and temporary) and student positions.

Department originators will be able to enter new requisitions in the system starting Sept. 4 for job postings that will appear on the new job board beginning Sept. 10. Originators and approvers should be on the lookout for emails regarding how to register for and access the training. While those who already have originator or approver roles for Careers at UF are not required to take the training to use Interfolio, the training is highly recommended given the level of new functionality.

The new system offers a variety of features that will improve experiences for hiring departments, search committees and applicants. Departments are likely to notice easier posting and reposting processes, a more efficient process for reference letter collection, and enhanced sorting and screening functionality. For applicants, the new system will offer a positive, simple process for submitting application materials and tracking the progress of their application. Search committee members will benefit from easy tools to review materials and narrow their candidate pools online.

An instruction guide for evaluators (search committees) is expected to be available on Sept. 10. UFHR will update the Careers at UF Toolkit on the UFHR website over the next few weeks to add related instruction guides and additional resources.

UFHR will continue to communicate directly with college- and VP-level HR liaisons, originators and level-1 approvers who are responsible for faculty and postdoc hiring in their areas as the implementation proceeds.

Questions? Please contact UFHR Recruitment & Staffing at employment@ufl.edu.