Verify your benefits deductions for 2020

Whether or not you made changes during Open Enrollment, the New Year is a good time to review your paycheck to ensure your coverage selections are accurate. If you made any changes to the following plans during Open Enrollment, they will be reflected beginning with your Jan. 3 paycheck:

  • Medical/Dependent Care Reimbursement and Health Savings accounts
  • UFSelect plans
  • GatorCare* health plans

Premium deductions and coverage for new life and long-term disability plan elections requiring a medical application will not begin until approved by the insurer. Employees should receive notification of approval or denial from the insurer in the upcoming months. If you have applied and do not receive a response, it is a good idea to follow up periodically with the insurer on the status of your medical application.

If you notice your paycheck does not reflect proper deductions for your benefits, please contact UFHR Benefits at (352) 392-2477 or as soon as possible.

* Are you a GatorCare participant?

GatorCare health plan enrollees with dependent coverage are required to provide dependent documentation within 60 days of their coverage election date. Acceptable dependent documentation includes marriage certificates for spouses and birth certificates for dependent child(ren). Additional documentation may be requested in some cases. If you have questions regarding dependent documentation requirements, contact UFHR Benefits at (352) 392-2477 or