Schedule your flu shot today to protect yourself and others

As Ron Berry, MD, director of the UF Student Health Care Center shared in a message last week, the importance of getting your flu shot may be getting lost in the sea of news and information about COVID-19. But as a recent UF Health study has demonstrated, a flu vaccination might do more than protect against influenza. It could also shield you from a severe case of COVID-19, even though the infection is caused by an entirely different virus.

Flu season in Gainesville can arrive as early as December, but frequently peaks in January or February. Particularly as many of us may be making travel plans during the holidays, getting a flu shot is one way to help take care of yourself and protect your family and friends as well as our greater UF community.

If you choose to get vaccinated through UF, the Student Health Care Center offers a variety of appointment times and locations and adds new options frequently.

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