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Our deepest thanks to the Screen, Test & Protect team

As outlined in yesterday’s Campus Brief, after 19 months of excellent work and leadership by infectious disease physicians, epidemiologists and disease investigators, the University of Florida is entering the next stage of pandemic management, effective Jan. 1. 

Our heartfelt gratitude goes to the UF Health Screen, Test & Protect team who rose to the challenge and expertly guided the University of Florida through the pandemic, helping to ensure the safety and health of our faculty, staff and students.  

COVID-19 vaccine appointments available for children

On Nov. 2, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or CDC, authorized use of the Pfizer-BioNtech vaccine in children ages 5 to 11 years old. The CDC recommends parents check with their children’s healthcare provider or local pharmacy for a vaccine appointment or available walk-in hours. 

UF Health pharmacies and many UF Health Physicians practices are also administering the pediatric Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for children. This is a two-dose series given three weeks apart. 

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving

As a reminder, the University of Florida will be observing the Thanksgiving holiday next week on Thursday and Friday, Nov. 25 and 26. We wish you safe travels if you are traveling and joy with your loved ones.

The UF Health Screen, Test & Protect and Student Health Care Center teams want to remind you if you are traveling for Thanksgiving to wear a mask, sanitize frequently and follow CDC guidance to get to and from your destinations in a safe and healthy manner. If you become ill, stay away from others, get tested and seek medical care if needed.

Do you have questions about the COVID vaccine for children?

UF Health is hosting a webinar on Nov. 30 at 7 p.m. to answer questions about the COVID-19 vaccine for children.

UF Health pediatric expert gives advice on COVID-19 vaccine for kids

On Nov. 2, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention authorized use of the Pfizer-BioNtech vaccine in children who are 5 to 11 years old.

An unexpected conversation builds trust, overcomes one man’s hesitance

Mark Hall was skeptical about the COVID-19 vaccine and unvaccinated. One night at Spurrier’s Gridiron Grille, Duane Mitchell, M.D., Ph.D., renowned cancer researcher and director of the UF Clinical and Translational Science Institute, sat down next to Mark by chance. The two got to talking about the vaccine and Mark asked Dr. Mitchell all of the questions he had about the vaccine’s safety and effectiveness. After three hours of respectful conversation, Mark decided he was ready to get vaccinated if Dr. Mitchell would be by his side when he did. 

Engaging arts and culture to build vaccination confidence

The UF College of the Arts’ Center for Arts in Medicine, College of Public Health and Health Professions, College of Journalism and Communications, and Center for Public Impact Communications are collaborating to mount a rapid, multi-modal, campus-wide vaccine communication campaign, leveraging the strength of artists, culture-bearers and the arts to move people to action. 

Allergies should not dissuade you from getting vaccinated

Having a history of allergic reactions, experts say, is rarely a reason to avoid getting vaccinated. 

Dr. Michael Lauzardo answers questions about COVID-19 booster shots

Dr. Lauzardo

As the delta variant of the coronavirus persists, federal officials are urgently studying the safety and effectiveness of a third dose of COVID-19 mRNA vaccines as well as a second shot of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. If the Food and Drug Administration and a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advisory committee agree to proceed, shots could be administered sometime this fall.

Michael Lauzardo, M.D., deputy director of UF’s Emerging Pathogens Institute and an associate professor in the UF College of Medicine, recently answered questions about the third vaccine dose.

Coping with the mental health challenges posed by COVID-19

Jacqueline Hobbs, M.D., Ph.D., says the burden of coping with stress caused by the upheaval of normal life means we all need to pay closer attention to our mental well-being. 

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