Announcing the new Finance & Accounting website

UF Finance & Accounting (F&A) has upgraded its website to make it more intuitive, modern and mobile-friendly. The site may be found at F&A’s same URL:

Best viewed using the Google Chrome Web browser, the new site contains all of the essential information from the old site but is organized in a more efficient and user-friendly way, with Directives and Procedures broken down into succinct individual articles. Simply put, it will be easier for F&A staff as well as the campus community, students, families and others to find the information they are looking for.

F&A is proud to share the following new features:

  • A knowledge base that searches Directives and Procedures titles (relevant articles will display as you start typing in the search bar without having to click “Search”)
  • Quick links for targeted audiences
  • Revision dates for every article
  • Resources and additional articles for further information

As with all change, F&A understands there will be a period of getting to know the new site and the updated locations of the information you are looking for. Most bookmarked pages from the old site will redirect to the correct new pages once the new site is live (for a period of time). Accountant Emily Moran and her F&A interns and Jesse Schmidt of UFHR Communications and Worklife championed this project.

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