There’s still time to apply to UF’s Leadership Development programs

Interested in taking your leadership skills to the next level? You’re in luck—there are still a few days left to apply to UF Academy, the Advanced Leadership for Academics and Professionals (ALAP) program and the Managing at UF program’s 2019–2020 Managers Cohort.

Learn more here and read what a few past participants have to say about the programs below. And don’t forget to check out UF Training & Organizational Development’s summer course offerings.

“I went into ALAP unsure of what to expect . . . Would I become better at managing my team? Would I become better at difficult employee conversations? Would I become better at writing a business plan? Yes, yes, and yes—but so much more. I learned that being a leader is not simply about being a better supervisor, but about bringing leadership skills to every aspect of my job, whether as the head of a group or a member of a group, in advising and coaching colleagues in my area of expertise, in providing vision within my department and the organization, in making every interaction productive and beneficial for other people, for me, and for the institution. Whatever you think you might gain from participating in ALAP, I promise it will be more than what you expect.”

Susan G. Goffman, Executive Director, Legal Services, UF Advancement

“UF Academy has been, by far, the most valuable professional development experience I have participated in at UF. For me, there were three key pieces to the UF Academy experience—the opportunity to build relationships with other emerging leaders across campus; the exposure to so much knowledge about how our university works and how many exciting initiatives and projects are occurring across campus; and the opportunity to learn about experiences, paths to, and styles of leadership from our university leaders. The opportunity to interact with key UF leaders in such an intimate setting is simply unparalleled. In my academy class, faculty and staff were equals, and every single person added value to our discussions and development. . . . Overall, UF Academy gave me the chance to learn about many aspects of the university and administration, to build connections across campus, and the confidence and motivation to take on higher-level challenges. It made me proud to work at a university with such talented and dedicated faculty, staff, and administrators, and to have the opportunity to contribute to UF’s mission.”

Krista Vaught, Director, Academic Strategic Initiatives and Compliance, Levin College of Law

“I found the benefits to ALAP to be threefold. First the content was tailored well for all of us in both the academic and professional tracks. We covered very practical leadership and management material, and the stage was set for us to apply what we learned in higher education and at UF specifically. Second, the program had a very cool retreat feel to it. It gave us the time and space to step out of our day-to-day mindsets and examine our own leadership carefully. Third, I treasure the relationships I built with other participants and speakers from all over UF. We worked hard, laughed all the time and came away from the experience with a much better understanding of all the diverse roles people play to make this giant university work.”

—Tom Kelleher, Professor and Chair, Department of Advertising, College of Journalism and Communications