UF Gainesville campus and areas throughout the state close in anticipation of Tropical Storm Elsa

As announced earlier today, due to Tropical Storm Elsa, the university campus in Gainesville will close tomorrow, July 7, and other UF areas throughout the state will have similar closures. UF/IFAS personnel outside of Gainesville should adhere to their county government guidelines on closing. UF Health clinical and core service personnel as well as employees of other UF programs throughout the state should check with their supervisors as to whether they should report to work.

Please be sure to monitor UF’s Severe Weather Updates website for the latest university updates and information related to the storm. The UF GATORSAFE mobile app may also be downloaded from Google Play or the Apple App Store. Updates from the UF Weather Center are available on the Florida Storms website. For more information on how to stay safe, please visit the UF Emergency Management website.

To ensure you are paid accurately, please adhere to University Payroll’s time reporting and approval deadlines and follow guidelines below.

Reporting administrative leave

All USPS employees and hourly (non-exempt) TEAMS employees: Report the number of hours you were scheduled to work during the closing via Weekly Elapsed Screen using the “900-Administrative Leave-EMC” time reporting code for July 7, 2021.

Exempt TEAMS and faculty employees: You do not need to record this time through the Weekly Elapsed Screen. However, if you have entered the “900-Administrative Leave-EMC” time reporting code, it does not need to be removed. In this case, however, you also will need to enter the “HOL” holiday time reporting code for Monday’s holiday.

Graduate assistants and postdoctoral associates will be paid as normal without any modifications.

Already taking time off? If you have already planned to be on approved paid leave tomorrow, please note that you are not eligible for administrative leave and you should leave your time reporting as is.

Managers are also reminded to please work with your hourly OPS employees to allow them to make up any missed work time.

Special considerations for essential personnel

All USPS employees and hourly (non-exempt) TEAMS employees who are required to work during their work unit’s closing period will need to record both the time they worked during the closing as well as the administrative leave in order to accrue special compensatory leave appropriately in addition to their normal pay. If the compensatory leave is not used by the employee within six months following its accrual, the employee will be paid for the leave. For further guidance on Essential Personnel, please visit the Essential Employees policy posted on the UFHR website.

TEAMS exempt employees who are required to work during the emergency closing are also eligible for compensatory leave at the discretion of their supervisor — although this compensatory leave is handled at the department level and not reported via myUFL. Faculty and graduate assistants are not eligible for compensatory leave under the Essential Employees policy.

Hourly (non-exempt) OPS employees who work during the closing should enter their time as they normally would. Managers are reminded to please work with your OPS employees to allow them to make up any missed work time.

If you have questions or need further assistance, please contact University Benefits at (352) 392-2477 or email central-leave@ufl.edu or payroll-services@ufl.edu.