Boost your health and wellness throughout the month of June

In recognition of Employee Wellness Month in June, we’ve put together a series of webinars in collaboration with our UF partners to help you boost your health and overall well-being. Find guided meditation sessions, ergonomics and intuitive eating workshops, and more. Register today and be sure to explore our on-demand programs as well.

Live webinars

Guided meditation sessions: Join UF Health Education and Behavior Instructional Assistant Professor Kim Holton, Ph.D., and UFHR Communications and Worklife Director Angie Brown for ten-minute guided meditation session held every Monday and Friday through June.

  • Register for Monday sessions at noon with Kim Holton. Please note, a session won’t be held on Monday, June 19, as it is a UF holiday.
  • Register for Friday sessions at noon with Angie Brown

Relaxation “Micro-Moments” and Winding Down Techniques | June 6 at noon

The trick to stress-management is to intervene via multiple “micro-moments” of relaxation or mindful practices which only take 15 to 60 seconds. These moments of relaxation help bring stress levels down during the workday and interrupt the steady escalation of stress that creates physical and mental exhaustion. Register for this webinar to learn simple winding-down routines that can end the day in a calming, mindful way. Hosted by ComPsych, UF’s Employee Assistance Program provider.

Nutrition Intuition: An Introduction to Intuitive Eating | June 8 at noon

Are you tired of the dieting, restriction and lifestyle change hamster wheel? Learn how to bring peace to food, body and self through an introduction of the 10 principles of Intuitive Eating with UF Registered Dietitian Jessie Furman.

Explore UF Wellness Programs and Resources | June 12 at noon

Join UFHR Wellness Coordinator Natalie Lezcano to learn about UF programs, workshops and resources available to faculty and staff to help improve your overall health and well-being.

Building a Healthy Charcuterie Board | June 14 at noon

Charcuterie Boards have become very popular to serve in various gatherings, featuring a wide-range of appetizers from preserved foods to especially cured meats, fruits, chesses and more.

Join UF/IFAS Family and Consumer Science Extension Agent Jill Breslawski for tips on how to build a healthy charcuterie board.

Office Ergonomics Workshop | June 20 at noon

Join Environmental Health and Safety Ergonomics Coordinator Julie Ramsey for a one-hour workshop in which you will learn how to create a comfortable workstation to help reduce muscle fatigue and increase productivity.

Health Benefits of Herbs and Spices | June 27 at noon

Through the centuries, herbs and spices have been used for both culinary and medicinal purposes. Join UF/IFAS Family and Consumer Sciences Extension Agent Andrea Nikolai as she discusses how you can use herbs and spices to benefit your health and overall well-being.

Improve your Grocery Management Skills to Reduce Food Waste | June 28 at noon

While many of us have the best intentions when we go to the grocery story, it is not unusual to end up throwing out food that went unused. The USDA estimates that food waste accounts for 30-40% of the food supply in the United States.

Join UF/IFAS Family and Consumer Sciences Extension Agent and Registered Dietitian Amy Mullins to learn how you can reduce your food waste the next time you visit the grocery store.

Motivate Your Mind with Healthy Habits in the Workplace | July 6 at noon

Join UF/IFAS Extension Agents Amy Mullins and Molly Jameson for tips and strategies on how to keep your mind engaged and build healthy habits in the workplace.

On-demand programs and additional resources

The Healthy Lifestyle Program is a series of six modules that explore the different ways to create a healthy lifestyle. Each module focuses on a specific health topic including goal setting, physical activity, nutrition, better sleep, stress management and resilience. As you complete each module, you will learn tools and resources to help you on your wellness journey.

The Take 10 campaign has a very simple motive: Take 10 minutes at 10 a.m. every day to be mindful of your health and wellness. This can look very different for everyone, but the benefits are limitless. The goal is to create a simple habit or to adopt a healthy behavior such as taking a short 10-minute walk around the office, completing a stretching routine, taking time to meditate or doing a few breathing exercises — just to name a few.

The United States healthcare system can be intimidating and confusing to maneuver. To overcome this challenge, it is important to work on our health literacy so we can obtain, understand and utilize basic health information to make appropriate health decisions. The Health Education and Literacy Program is designed to increase our health literacy so we may become active participants in our own health care.

Explore the Get Healthy section of the UF Worklife website for even more wellness programs, classes and resources to help you improve your overall health and well-being.