Consideration is contagious — and key to a healthy workplace

Last week, we shared how gratitude spreads when we take the time to let a colleague know we appreciate them. That same ripple effect can happen when we practice empathy and consider others’ perspectives, regardless of whether they align with our own.

For some, the return to being “out in the world” after being isolated so long can feel a bit overwhelming. Others may be filled with excitement, and this enthusiasm can translate to unintentional boundary violations — like inquiring about someone’s vaccination status or not taking into consideration a colleague’s need for personal space.

Respecting others’ choices and pace is one way each of us can help create a healthier and happier workplace as we gradually emerge from the pandemic. As a reminder, neither supervisors nor colleagues should ask one another about their vaccination status or about the choice of whether or not to wear a mask. If someone does ask about your vaccination status, you are under no obligation to respond.

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