Service Recognition celebration honors longtime UF staff

Vice President for Human Resources Melissa Curry and Assistant Vice President of Human Resources Bob Parks, Ph.D., hosted a staff appreciation reception at the Earl and Christy Powell University House in February. The event honored staff who celebrated 25, 30, 35, 40 and 45 continuous years of service at UF in 2023.

“As staff, we know that while we often hear about the quality of our students and the contributions of our faculty, we know the university does not run without high-quality and dedicated staff members,” said Curry. “I am so proud of what university staff members do, who we are and what we are about.”

As part of her opening remarks, Curry celebrated Glinda Burnett, administrative specialist at the UF Entomology and Nematology Department, who at 50 years at UF had the longest tenure commemorated during the event.

“Thank you, Glinda, for letting us walk down memory lane,” said Curry after highlighting some of the main events that happened in 1973, when Burnett joined the University of Florida.

“The time you have worked at UF has coincided with its meteoric rise as a top public university in this country and the world,” said Parks. “Without a doubt, you can know that your efforts over decades have made a difference not only for you, your families and those who work closely with you, but also know that you have helped build a university that is impacting the lives of the people of this state, this nation and the world. You have much to be proud of and to celebrate.”

McNair Scholars Administrative Assistant Rona Vinson was present at the event, celebrating 25 years of continuous service at the University of Florida.

“It was a great honor to be recognized for 25 years of service at the University of Florida,” said Vinson. “It has also been a joy to be a part of the Gator Nation and to work with so many wonderful faculty, staff and students during these years.”

College of Medicine Physician Billing Compliance Office Manager Alan Hagan, pictured left, also celebrated 25 years at the University of Florida alongside UF/IFAS Information Management Specialist Diana Hagan, pictured on the right.

“The University has been a great place to work over the years while raising a family,” said Hagan. “My children grew up with UF and now my oldest works here as well.”

Congratulations to all the honorees. Your hard work and dedication push the University of Florida to greater heights.

Below are a few images of the event. Visit our Facebook page to view the full album.